Artful Communications

Equip your employees to master the art of confident communication and win over any audience for greater business impact.


In our oversaturated and over communicative professional space, to truly stand out and have meaningful impact requires a different approach.

Drawing on the creative and performing arts, and their long history of capturing the attention of audiences, experts from the University of Melbourne have developed a range of courses designed to equip your staff with the skills to communicate in an engaging, objective-driven way – enabling your business to make greater, more meaningful impact.

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Courses within this training package

Dynamic Presentation

Ensure your employees have the skills to take presenting from ‘business-as-usual’ to authentic, engaging and audience-focused.

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Finding Your Persuasive Voice

Prepare your team to effectively negotiate in a range of situations.

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Creative Digital Communications

Build a team with the skills to create quality audio-visual content that compliments your message, rather than competes with it.

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Collaborative Leadership

Embolden your staff to add value to your business propositions, because they are invested in the team’s work on the deepest level.

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Generating Creativity

Equip your teams to generate original ideas that give your business a competitive edge.

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Digital Storytelling

Ensure your team has the capacity to select the most appropriate channel to deliver key messages – and how to do so via new media and technology.

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Improvisation, Influence and Engagement

Help your organisation’s work stand out in a crowded market by equipping your employees to confidently represent their entire business.

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Professional Boundaries

Make sure your staff know how to support a safe and respectful workplace for all – increasing productivity and performance in turn.

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I’ve always been used to standing and presenting but this is the first time I have sat down to present given we’re in a different time. [I have] presentations with key accounts [and] this has fine-tuned some of the areas which I can develop to create more impactful presentations. It has certainly been great to learn presentation courses so that we don’t end up falling back into old habits [of presenting].

Eric, Key Account Manager

Can you customise this package?

Yes. We understand that no two organisations are the same, and that yours may have unique needs and goals you want to focus on. That’s why we offer customisation of all learning and development packages. We can contextualise the program for your workplace, deliver some or all of the courses, or we use this package as a starting point for something entirely bespoke.

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How is this program delivered?

This package can be delivered online, in person (on campus or at your offices), or in a blended format. The duration of the program depends on the delivery format and pace. Talk to us to explore options and find the best solution for the needs of your employees and organisation.

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