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The University of Melbourne has both the academic expertise and industry know-how to address our digital evolution. Specifically, we specialise in data management and analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence for the education, corporate, government and non-government sectors.

This expertise is bolstered by our school of Computing and Information Systems’ rich history – having for more than fifty years shaped the global technology revolution, commissioning Australia’s first computer and managing the first internet connections – and its commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation. The school is an international research leader in computer science, information systems and software engineering, with six interdisciplinary research centres, including the Academic Centre of Cybersecurity Excellence (ACCSE) through to the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health. In addition, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education has a digital task force, and The Policy Lab, which examines the intersection between technology and gender equity in the workplace.

Our expertise in creativity and innovation spans a wide range of soft skills including creative thinking, digital storytelling and communication, innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. Through collaboration across faculties and a highly interdisciplinary approach, bringing together tactics from performance art and field research through to psychology, we are uniquely positioned to provide training in these areas for business, government, and non-government sectors.

The University of Melbourne is 1st in Australia for performing arts, the proud home of the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, and based in the country’s cultural capital, Melbourne.

Committed to addressing the most pressing issues of our time and supporting a sustainable future through interdisciplinary solutions, we specialise in land management (bushfires), change in agricultural practice, urban and cultural heritage and conservation.

Championing these areas of expertise is the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage (ACAHUCH); applied social science group the Rural Innovation Research Group (RIRG); and the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, which builds on its foundations stretching back to 1891 to provide a firmly future-oriented school with the experience and capacity to address environmental issues such as climate change, bushfires, urban sustainability, biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, invasive species and biosecurity threats.

Supported by globally renowned experts, we specialise in contemporary management and leadership practice for educational, clinical, corporate and public service contexts. Specific areas of expertise span entrepreneurial thinking through to ethics.

On top of our Faculty of Business and Economics, which is a leading centre of teaching and research in management and marketing, accounting, actuarial studies, economics and finance, we have a number of multi-partner centres that bring together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines and industries. This includes the Centre for Workplace Leadership (CWL), dedicated to excellence in leadership research and improving the quality of leadership in Australian workplaces.

We specialise in physiological, behavioural, developmental, social and environmental aspects of human health.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is an extremely diverse faculty comprised of six schools, and a number of departments and centres.

The Melbourne Medical School – the oldest medical school in Australia – is internationally renowned for global leadership in teaching and training, health research, policy and practice. The School of Psychological Sciences is consistently recognised as one of the finest in the world. The Department of Psychology is an internationally recognised leader across many fields including cognitive psychology and behavioural neuroscience, social and developmental psychology, clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and quantitative psychology. The Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change is one of the few Centres in the world with the capacity to provide an integrated approach to all aspects of behaviour change.

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