MSPACE develops and delivers over 50 online degree programs and supports more than 400 professional development events a year. These programs and activities attract individual students, and industry and government participants, from Australia and from over 50 countries internationally.

The University of Melbourne has a distinguished record of working with industry and professional associations to support staff and members’ development and learning. With a proven track record of excellence in education, the Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) brings the University’s expertise under the one umbrella.

A primary focus of the University has been to help drive better outcomes for industry. Nurturing government and corporate client relationships for over 20 years, we’ve fostered the development of leaders in various sectors who have had an impact, not only on their own sector, but also on the community, the economy and the nation’s success more broadly. Similarly, our programs have supported international governments, communities and overseas organisations.

As a school, we’ve also set the benchmark for high-quality online graduate education. Our excellence in the design, delivery and support of our online programs has been recognised through an international award for Strategic Innovation in Online Education, presented by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) in the USA. This award recognises outstanding contributions to continuing and online higher education among a global membership of more than 350 universities.